Burn Permits

Burn Permits for burning within the Town of Trenton, Maine

Trenton residents now have another option for obtaining burn permits. Log onto www.wardensreport.com to obtain a permit. We are now “live” on this site and it is FREE OF CHARGE. Please be aware restrictions are still in place during Monday-Friday. You can not obtain a permit until after 5pm. This is for a variety of reasons, but mainly due to the lack of volunteers that maybe needed to respond to a fire during the weekday. Also, please note permits on the weekends are available after 9:30am. The Maine Forest Service issues an updated weather report around 9am-this is the reason for the delay. You can access the report on the new site. Please follow all guidelines on the site and print your permit to have in possession while burning. Fire officials will be getting texts notifications for all permits. Restrictions and/or bans may change without notice. The current State of Maine site will still be an option, at least for the near future. The town office will not be issuing permits. Chief Corson will still be an option for over the phone and in person permits, but only by chance. We hope this helps to obtain burn permits going forward. We know sometimes it can be difficult. Any questions feel free to call 669-4131 and leave a message. We will get back to you as soon as we can. Thank you

  • All burns shall comply with the conditions set forth on the burn permit.
  • Burning only allowed on Class 1 and 2 days (Low and Moderate Fire Danger) and normally after 5PM on the weekdays (anytime during weekends) with some exceptions.
  • Trenton resides in Zone 11 – see fire danger here: Predicted Fire Danger & Class Day

FREE in-person, phone, or online:

Contact one of the following:

Steve Corson, Fire Warden



Online – $7:

$2 goes to the town of Trenton!