Burn Permits

Burn Permits for burning within the Town of Trenton, Maine

Steve Corson -Fire Warden, will be the only person doing “in person” permits by calling 610-1502. This will be by chance only. At the moment, permits can be issued over the phone, per COVID-19 guidelines. He will be available on weekends only. For Monday-Friday, the online option maybe better during the weekday (if conditions warrant). Please read online permit for conditions and requirements. The town office will NOT be issuing burn permits.

  • All burns shall comply with the conditions set forth on the burn permit.
  • Burning only allowed on Class 1 and 2 days (Low and Moderate Fire Danger) and normally after 5PM on the weekdays (anytime during weekends) with some exceptions.
  • Trenton resides in Zone 11 – see fire danger here: Predicted Fire Danger & Class Day


Contact one of the following:

Steve Corson, Fire Warden

Online – $7:

$2 goes to the town of Trenton!